Our Heritage

Thanos Hotels & Resorts is a privately owned, independently minded collection of lifestyle hotels (under the brand names Almyra, Anassa, Annabelle, Antasia, Amyth of Mykonos Agios Stefanos, Amyth of Mykonos Super Paradise and Amyth of Nicosia) that conveys the energy and essence, serenity and style, fun and freedom of the Mediterranean.

Sophisticated and service-oriented, the group operates with heart and soul, social conscience and financial sense.

The Michaelides family has soulfully crafted every award-winning inch of the company since its inception in the early 1970s. Today, the Michaelides’ second generation hoteliers employ more than 1,100 people and centre their operations on an “extended family” concept: from treating the group’s management, staff and guests as part of the family unit to giving back to the local community. At the group’s core is a fervent commitment to quality, honesty, transparency, integrity, diversity, equality and the highest ethical standards.

We operate with heart and soul, social conscience and financial sense

Our Philosophy

We run each hotel as an exclusive entity, driven by quality, with a welcoming, individual and distinctive personality. We invest heavily in our businesses, our people, and our communities, creating a sustainable model for success based around a loyal and local team working together for one goal.

Our approach to branding is sophisticated and multi-layered – we cater to distinctive demographics and, thanks to a proven understanding of exactly what our clients want, enjoy a track record of very high repeat business. As our portfolio extends, we embrace the opportunity to work with like-minded owners and developers who share our beliefs and goals: from timely and cost-effective repositioning projects to a deep understanding of individual identity and integrity; from a creative and design-led flair to a genuine hands-on approach that encourages fluid communication between Head Office and on-site management.

We work on complete projects from concept to implementation, design to development, operational policies and standards, to sales, marketing and financial returns. We never forget the need for profit and profit growth – but we never lose sight of what brought us into this business in the first place: a desire to serve, to share, and to always – always – act in a way that would make our families proud.