Thanos Hotels & Resorts supports the "I Cook and I Offer" Program by the Sophia Foundation for Children

The Thanos Hotels and Resorts Group remains actively involved with the "Sophia for Children" foundation through the "I Cook and I Offer" program. This initiative addresses the needs of 16 all-day primary schools and kindergartens throughout Cyprus, providing lunch for the fifth consecutive school year.

Recently, members of the Group visited Yiolou Primary School, whose catering is supported by Thanos Hotels and Resorts. The were warmly welcomed by children and teachers at the community’s school, as well as members of the foundation. It was an opportunity to see up close the love and care that goes into preparing every meal, and the dedication of all those involved in this inspiring initiative.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, the Group has undertaken the complete catering for the upcoming school year at Yiolou Primary School, supporting the invaluable work of the "Sophia for Children" foundation for many years.

Mykonos Playground
Natasha Michaelides, the Group’s Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, stated: “In this ever-changing world, we could not turn a blind eye to the challenges facing our fellow human beings and especially children. Our ongoing partnership with “Sophia Foundation for Children” means a lot to us, while the Group’s employees have also embraced this initiative. The Foundation is making a valuable contribution to the local community, by taking commendable actions that are very inspiring. Good nutrition is a basic need for any child, and it should be sufficiently covered. We hope that over the next school year we will be able to support more struggling children and families.”