Leading the Way in Sustainable Travel: Thanos Hotels Earn Prestigious Travelife Gold Certifications

At Thanos Hotels, sustainable tourism and corporate social responsibility have long been woven into our DNA. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that all of our hotels – Anassa, Almyra, Annabelle and Amyth of Mykonos – have been awarded the Travelife Gold certification: an internationally recognised award scheme for independently audited hotels that have attained the highest standards of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

Over 150 Criteria
Travelife, established in 2007, promotes sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry. Gold certification is only granted to hotels demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to sustainability. To achieve this accolade, each of our properties met, or exceeded, over 150 sustainability criteria during a detailed independent audit across all areas of operations including energy efficiency, water and waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, fair labour practices, community relations and animal welfare.

Reducing Emissions
When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, we leave no stone unturned. We save energy, implement renewable energy sources, and we minimise our waste. We have also adopted water saving strategies and have recycling programmes throughout our hotels.

Upholding Fair Labour Practices
We are deeply committed to human rights and fair labour practices. We always ensure that our employees place of work is safe and respectful, that they are paid fairly, and have access to professional development opportunities. This commitment also extends to the many people who work with us – ethical practices and transparency is the right of all.

Supporting the Local Economy
We understand how important it is to boost the local economy, by working with local suppliers and employing from the community. This approach also ensures guests enjoy authentic local experiences, from artisan food and wine to arts and crafts.

Celebrating Local Culture
We love to celebrate local architectural styles and offer genuine cultural experiences at our hotels. Collaborating with local craftspeople and cultural groups, we ensure our guests enjoy an immersive experience, helping to preserve our region’s cultural heritage.

Safeguarding Animal Welfare
Of course, we have strict policies to prevent animal exploitation of any kind and ensure that any guest activities involving animals are ethical and respectful.

Communicating with Guests
We inform guests about our initiatives, offer tips on sustainable practices, and encourage their feedback. We see it as our role to inspire everyone with our long-term commitment to sustainability.

Benefits for All
We believe that Thanos Hotels’ Travelife Gold certifications are more than an achievement for us; they are a broader shift towards responsible tourism that benefits everyone. For our guests, it means the comfort of staying in a hotel that align with their values, and sleeping safe in the knowledge that they are contributing to a more sustainable world. For local communities, it means working with a hotel group that respects their rights, culture, and environment.

Certifications like this also set a benchmark in the industry, encouraging other hotels and hospitality brands to follow in our footsteps, weaving an ever-growing tapestry of environmental conservation, social responsibility and ethical business practices that benefits the world.

Learn more about our sustainability practices here.