Anassa Receives Honorary Sustainability Award at the Cyprus Eating Awards 2023

Anassa has received the Honorary Sustainability Award 2023 at the Cyprus Eating Awards. This recognition highlights our commitment to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility. Our dedication to fostering local culture, supporting Cypriot producers, and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives has set a benchmark for the hospitality industry. This commitment is reflected in various initiatives, such as embracing culture and the arts, enhancing educational opportunities for the next generation, and contributing to animal welfare through a registered charity.

Cultural Events for Cypriot Artists
Inspired by events organised as part of 'Cultural Capital Paphos 2017,' we began sponsoring and hosting local cultural events, subsequently offering a support platform to local artists. Since 2017, more than 40 different events have given dozens of local artists—in the fields of photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, writing, and more—the opportunity to present their work to the public.
Supporting Cypriot Producers and Traditions
Actively sourcing locally produced goods and services, we participate in initiatives such as the 'Cyprus Breakfast' program. We embrace regional cuisine in our menus, showcasing the rich variety of Cypriot produce, including citrus fruit, meats, cheese, potatoes, organic honey, and more. We are a certified member of the Cyprus Sustainable Tourism Initiative and have received the Travelife Gold certification and Sustainability Leader designation from The Leading Hotels of the World.
Water and Energy Conservation
Implementing water-saving measures, we use grey water for garden watering, monitor consumption with meters, and encourage guests to reduce linen changes. We employ energy-efficient chillers, AC units, and LED light fixtures to contribute to our commitment to reducing energy consumption. Heat recovered from the chillers warms the pool water, while daily consumption is monitored, and employees are educated in energy management.
Waste Management and Resourcefulness
In line with our commitment to environmental conservation, we actively work towards reducing single-use plastics. Certified by 'Keep our Sand and Sea Plastic Free,' we maintain a plastic-free beach, recycle paper, batteries, toners, and glass, and repurpose food remnants into traditional candied fruits. The use of water filtration systems eliminates plastic bottle usage, while initiatives like reusable containers and electronic bills further contribute to a plastic-free environment.
Local Employment and Ethical Standard
We prioritise the employment of local talent and encourage our employees to engage in volunteer work. Additionally, we offer hands-on work experience to students and donate to organisations like the Sophia Foundation to support vulnerable individuals in the community.

The Sustainability Award 2023 is a testament to our excellence in hospitality, emphasising our dedication to community, culture, and environmental responsibility.

Learn more about our sustainability practices here.