At Thanos Hotels, we believe that technology is crucial in enhancing the guest experience and streamlining hotel operations. We take pride in leveraging cutting-edge digital solutions and AI-driven tools, all meticulously designed and developed with our guests' comfort and convenience in mind. Our commitment to innovation is deeply embedded in every aspect of our service delivery, reflecting our dedication to not just meet, but exceed guest expectations through technological excellence.

We also embrace technology as a sustainable solution, digitizing traditional hotel paper-based processes through sophisticated software systems. These initiatives not only optimize operations but also support our commitment to building an eco-friendlier environment. This strategic integration of technology ensures that each stay at Thanos Hotels is memorable, efficient, and harmoniously aligned with modern ecological standards.

WebSuite360 by Thanos
A comprehensive software suite that delivers tailored digital solutions across hospitality management, including website, CMS, contracting, sales, group management, vouchers, restaurant reservations CRS, digital menus, surveys, kids club operations, and extensive reporting solutions.

Innovative Intelligence
We leverage AI across various domains, from sentiment analysis and business card scanning to CRM integration, to 365 copilot licensing and statistical analysis, enhancing our operational efficiency and decision-making.

Business Intelligence
Thanos BI, our Power BI solution, harnesses data warehouse analytics to drive strategic enhancements and improve operational efficiency. This powerful tool enables us to perform comprehensive analysis and take data-driven decisions.

Digital Transformation
Transition from paper-based procedures and unstructured data sitting in book-selves to software solutions with structure data allowing us to offer efficient operations and enabling detailed data analytics for continuous improvement.

Technology partnerships
We strategically select technology partners who align with our brand’s values and enhance our operations, ensuring each collaboration advances our technological excellence.

Experienced IT team
Our in-house team consists of six dedicated IT professionals, equipped to provide comprehensive support, and resolve a broad range of technical issues or inquiries.