Hospitality Management

Born out of more than half a century of successful hotel ownership and operations, Thanos Hospitality Services involves a 50+ strong senior management team offering systematic consulting and management services across all levels of the hospitality experience.

Our key proficiencies extend to the overall design and layout of hotels—from kitchens to rooms to leisure areas—as well as the design and operational implication of all the services and facilities within them. We consult closely with owners, designers, architects and developers on new projects to ensure that the focus from the start is on optimised operational functionality. We also work with existing properties to help improve infrastructure, streamline processes, implement new systems and safety protocols, undertake internal audits, create bespoke staff training programmes, and just about anything else required to maximise efficiency and productivity—from Revenue Consultation & Management to a wealth of additional behind-the-scenes services including Marketing & Distribution.

Our two key areas of support, however, are:

Hotel Asset Management
Key to our success is our ability to boost top-line revenue and bottom-line profit. By helping to optimise operational performance, capital expenditure, systems management and more, we work with existing teams to improve efficiency and profitability in areas from Rooms to F&B, Budgeting to Procurement, Marketing to Management, increasing RevPAR, direct sales, profits, value and reputation. We also offer full Management Services through management agreements and leases.

Pre-Opening Consultation & Services
Design, strategic planning, operational implementation, positioning concepts, environmental consideration and so much more… hotel launches are the most complex of hospitality beasts. We work with Pre-Opening teams to distil decades of operational and strategic knowhow into creative and customised opening plans for optimum launch success.