Design, strategic planning, operational implementation, positioning concepts, environmental consideration and so much more… hotel launches are the most complex of hospitality beasts. We work with Pre-Opening teams to distil decades of operational and strategic knowhow into creative and customised opening plans for optimum launch success.

Case Study:

Thanos Hotels & Resorts was invited to work on the regeneration of the historic Berengaria project in Prodromos, Cyprus: a palatial century-old stone-built hotel located atop Troodos Mountain, known as «The Hotel of The Kings» on account of its famous past guests including King of Egypt Farouk I. Thanos Hotels & Resorts took over the project’s technical services role, in relation to the design of all hotel areas as well as the facilities and services within them. Working in partnership with the owning company and project architects, the Thanos team’s advisory role emphasised optimised operations to ensure a unique and seamless service experience to all visitors. Other consulting services for the project included the premises’ overall functionality and the wellness of visitors and employees.