Business Development

Our 40 years of industry experience has helped us fine-tune our operating systems and business structures, mindful that a degree of market flexibility is also required. Our decision to expand has helped us further clarify a structure that distinguishes individual hotel operations from corporate administration. This enables individual hotels to concentrate on their daily operations; free from all administration, their focus can remain on ensuring that guests have an unforgettable holiday experience.
Our corporate team’s main objectives are to ensure that each hotel is proficiently promoted and that all operational needs are met. Working with all of our senior stakeholders, we develop strategies to deliver everything from recruitment through to product development and management information analysis - ultimately delivering revenue growth through increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Business Development team’s key responsibilities include:
- Global sales and promotion
- Revenue management (using our unique forecasting tools and own management information system)
- Expansion through asset management across the Mediterranean (including hotel management contracts and asset acquisition with co-investors) – using our own financial modes speaking investors’ language with a hotelier’s insight
- Hotel branding, technical assistance and ongoing support from pre-opening advice to general hotel management.