The Scholarship Fund of Thanos Hotels & Resorts and Round Table 7 Paphos, announces the granting of a scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023 for any full-time postgraduate study in Cyprus or overseas.

Candidates who meet the following terms and conditions are eligible to apply:
• Permanent residents of Cyprus and citizens of Paphos who have attended schools in the Paphos district
• Those with a minimum general secondary school leaving certificate of at least 18.5 / 20
• Those who do not hold any other postgraduate degree
• Graduates of Cypriot Universities or bearers of equivalent qualifications from overseas educational institutions with a minimum score, as specified in the relevant regulations.

The scholarships are offered for any field of study at any Higher Educational Institution in Cyprus or overseas. The Management Committee may, in its sole discretion, exclude or exempt an educational institution during the process of the applications’ evaluation, for reasons which will be communicated to the applicants.

Scholarship applications will have to be submitted by completing a special form, which candidates may obtain from the offices at the Almyra Hotel, 12 Poseidonos Avenue, 8042, Paphos, by calling 26888700 or online by clicking here.

It is to be noted that only fully completed applications which meet the required terms and conditions, and are accompanied by the necessary supporting documents and certificates, will be processed to the evaluation stage. The deadline for submissions is Friday 19th August 2022 via email to: paphosscholarships@thanoshotels.com.
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