Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility
At Thanos Hotels, we view corporate social responsibility and sustainable tourism as central to both our success and our values. Our approach sees us strive to reduce or mitigate any undesirable impacts on our local natural, historic, cultural and social environment during the course of our operations, with specific strategic actions in areas including the environment, community, people and marketplace. Our ongoing sustainability and corporate social responsibility commitments include, amongst other things:
- Local community engagement through purchase of local produce, goods and materials wherever possible; the majority employment of Cypriot staff; and the promotion of local suppliers, traditions, services, cuisine, wines and destination
- Sponsorship of local cultural events (e.g. Paphos 2017 – European City of Culture)
- Donations of goods and services to local hospitals, churches, schools and charities, including a twice-weekly food donation to two schools through Paphos’s Sophia Foundation
- Promotion of employee volunteerism, including beach cleaning and charity events
- Environmental and energy management activities including: waste-recycling; water minimisation programmes; ‘paperless’ system; energy reduction measures including LED lighting, motion & A/C door sensors, Pellet and EcoFuel boilers; plus ongoing efforts to reduce carbon footprint and utilise alternative renewable energy sources
- Ongoing staff motivation and investment through training programmes, incentive schemes and service awards
- Ongoing commitment to quality, honesty, transparency, integrity, diversity, equality and the highest ethical standards
- Integrated sustainability management system to manage all environmental, quality, energy, community, and health and safety issues.
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