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The ultimate
M editerranean r etr eats
URS IS A GENUINE FAMILY BUSINESS, which runs on an “extended family” concept – our management, sta  and guests are all part of the
family.  anos Hotels operates with an “owner’s mind” focusing on privately-owned medium to small properties. Now we would like to explore management and investment opportunities with other hotel owners beyond Cyprus.
We run each hotel as a unique property on its own path towards  ve star positioning and beyond. Our hotels are exceptionally welcoming, individual and distinctive. We are driven by quality, which is our guests’  rst priority when choosing a holiday. We have always
believed that by o ering quality products
and services, we can provide a business with sustainable pro tability. Similarly, we invest
in our sta  and communities as we know
the importance of a loyal and dedicated team working together in unity for one goal.
Our approach to branding is sophisticated and multi-layered, unlike multinational groups whose priority has to be the focus on building up their singular brand. Marketing is a key strength with a deep and proven understanding of the European market and, consequently,
a track record of very high repeat business.

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