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Here at  anos Hotels, sustainable tourism underpins all our activities and is integral to both our success and our values.
Our approach in order to ensure that we deliver sustainable tourism includes retaining the economic and social advantages of our ope- rations while taking the necessary steps to pro- tect and support the local natural, historic and cultural environments, and local community. We understand that environmental conserva- tion and community engagement is more than a moral imperative, it also makes good business sense. Consumer demand for a more sustainable approach to tourism is growing, and increasingly becoming a determining factor in consumers’ choice of tourist destinations and providers.
Ensuring that we continue to meet and ex- ceed these demands will not only bene t visitors and our stakeholders but will result in higher environmental and social standards in our loca- lity. To ensure that we meet and exceed our goal for sustainable tourism, we choose to embed the concept of sustainability and social responsibility in our entire ethos: we continually evaluate and consider our operational decisions; and incor- porate strategic actions in areas such as the en- vironment and energy, community, people and marketplace.
 is ensures that we o er the highest quality services; deliver a true and authentic tourism ex- perience; consider and protect the environment; and treat all individuals with respect.
Sustainability is not only looking after our natural environment. Sustainability is also about considering the social and economic impact of what we do. At  anos Hotels we are committed to continue our e orts towards sustainability. Our main objective is to address challenges and embrace future sustainable opportunities in a coordinated manner to improve business perfor- mance and achieve economic bene ts.

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