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 anos hosts centrally a back-o ce package. All the hotels we manage have access to the ledgers.  is enables us to manage revenues, costs and cash e ciently and e ectively, both centrally and locally.
We undertake the following activities on behalf of hotel owners as standard: general ledger management and control, VAT compliance, consolidation, liaison with accountants and au- ditors in the preparation of accounts, accounts payable and receivable and payment processing. At the request of owners we can also assist with statutory accounts preparation in International Accounting Standards (IAS) format, corporation tax compliance and  xed asset accounting.
As well as the management of our hotel owners’ bottom line, we focus heavily on the management of their cash, working closely with our Auditors Ernst & Young. We monitor debt ageing on an ongoing basis, preparing benchmark reports and addressing issues as they arise. We also monitor creditor days. We track ownership cash  ows on a daily basis and maintain three-month rolling cash  ow forecasts that enable cash peaks and troughs to be e ectively managed.  is is essential in ensuring that surplus funds are appropriately invested and that cash injections, which may be required to fund extensive capital refurbishments, are made only as and when required.
Based on our decision to expand, the company has created a structure to allow it to operate additional hotels. Having been in the hospitality industry for more than 35 years,  anos Hotels has learned to be  exible and adjust the company’s structure according to the needs of themarket.
 e company has formulated a clear structure that distinguishes the individual hotel opera- tions from the corporate administration.
 e individual hotels concentrate on the daily operation and running of the property.  e main priority of each hotel is to ensure that their clients have an unforgettable holiday experience.
 anos Hotels has cleared the hotel opera- tions from any form of administration in order to ensure the hotel’s above objective. By creating a strong corporate team the company has ma- naged to build on economies of scale and create an e ective and e cient corporate administration for its operations.
 e corporate team’s main objective is to ensure that the hotels are promoted e ciently and that all hotel operations needs are met in or- der for the hotels to deliver the quality and guest experience. Recruiting needs and product needs are done by the corporate administration.
Yearly budgets are set by the Finance Department and are mutually agreed within the corporate team and the Hotel Manager.

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