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 anos Hotels has formulated a set of policies and procedures which serve as a guidepost for the operation of each hotel’s  nance department. Compliance is ensured through a rigorous monitoring and internal audit programme.
We pride ourselves on delivering above average pro tability. In our view, management of a hotel requires,  rst and foremost, a focus on the deli- very of room revenue.
A comprehensive annual budgeting programme is established to assist owners and managers with operational and  nancial target-setting and business strategies formulation.  anos Hotels provides speci c principles for the establishment of key  nancial and statistical indicators – key performance indicators (KPIs), by which the hotel’s performance can be measured and analysed.
 e annual budgeting process is critical to any hotel operation. It provides our owners with
an idea of what they can expect in terms of pro tability and cash surplus/de cit, as well as giving  anos and the hotel management teams their goals and objectives for the year ahead.
 e full range of  anos’ skills and experience is used during the budgeting process to ensure that each hotel maximises its potential in all areas of
its operations.
From revenue management to Food and
Beverage operations, we know what works and what needs to be done to deliver pro t and increased value.
On an annual basis, we study statistical analysis of business trends for the year ahead, in terms of pro tability, cash  ow and capital requirements. We explain the projections in detail and ensure that performance is aligned with expectation.
On a quarterly basis, we prepare a forecast through to the end of the  nancial year, which is presented and discussed to ensure that perfor- mance and expectation is aligned.  e  rst mon- th of the quarter under review is also forecast on a daily basis so that the opportunity to adjust room rates in the face of low or high demand is managed.
Operational and  nancial performance is monitored regularly through prede ned management and  nancial reports. A  nancial reporting package outlining detailed reporting requirements is maintained within each hotel. As a monitoring tool, the reports are designed to guide hotel owners and managers in reviewing, evaluating and interpreting key performance indicators
for e ective decision making.

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